Good reasons to play live roulette

reasons to play live roulette

There are several good reasons to play this exciting roulette game. There is a reason why live roulette is as popular as it is. Here, we take a closer look at why:

  • The game is streamed from the top professional Evolutions Gaming game studio.
  • The slow repetition and multiple camera angles help create an unparalleled casino experience.
  • With six different chip values, everyone can get in on the action. You can play for high or low amounts.
  • Many different types of games including neighbour bets and special bets. It’s also possible to make favourite lists for future use.
  • Dealers are professional and easy to interact with.

Live roulette experience on desktop and mobile

Live roulette experience on desktop and mobile

On our live roulette you get as close to the dealers and their roulette wheels as possible. This provides an intimate experience and a feeling of being there whether you are using mobile or desktop. The prominent roulette wheels stand well against the dark starry background, creating an uplifting atmosphere in the casino.

Indeed, Evolution Gaming has created the game in an appealing way visually. At the same time, it is also player-friendly and easy to navigate. The betting area is displayed separately from the roulette wheel, making it easier to see all the details. Everything is in crisp focus, allowing you to see other details of the casino as well. In short, the game is made very professionally. It is also appealing and easy to play.

You are in no doubt when you win. Indeed, the amount will flash across your screen, so you can celebrate in the best way. As an added element, on the left side of the screen you can follow a live feed showing winners in real time. It adds to the atmosphere when you can see that everyone has an equal chance of winning at Live Roulette. The game is easy to navigate and everything is straightforward. You also have a game menu where you can change settings, as well as always open your game history. It’s also easy to place bets and just as easy to collect your winnings.

Play live roulette on desktop

Playing live roulette from a desktop makes it easier to get an overview, compared to playing from a mobile or tablet. Many people therefore prefer to play from a desktop. The game’s interface is, as I said, very appealing, but also intuitive to use.

Play live roulette on mobile and tablet

Play live roulette on mobile

If you are often on the go, you should consider downloading Mr Green’s casino app for mobile or tablet. That way, you’ll always have your favourite live dealer in your pocket, so you can play wherever you want, whenever you want. If you’ve already played live roulette on a desktop, however, you can’t expect the same experience on smaller devices.

Despite Evolution Gaming’s best efforts, it’s very difficult to squeeze so many buttons, features and options onto a phone screen. You’ll therefore get the best experience via desktop. However, it’s still pretty handy that you have the option to play while on the go. When playing from mobile or tablet, we recommend using landscape mode as you can make full use of the screen space.

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