The history of casino

history of casino

Excitement is an essential part of many people’s lives. One should not think that gambling became very popular only with the advent of numerous arcades, because casino games have been of interest since ancient times. People back then loved playing Woo Casino Australia. There is an opinion that the first mention of gambling comes from ancient Egypt and dates back to the 3rd millennium BC. History is silent about how the native pharaohs regulated gambling, but as the current state of the industry shows, casino games are still one of the most interesting ways to spend free time.

Over a long period of time, there has been a great development of casino games and most of them are top games because they have excited people in different eras. Despite the fact that many researchers claim that gambling has existed in the world for many thousands of years, they have not managed to create a holistic picture of the development of gambling. However, various archaeological excavations have uncovered items that confirm the existence of gambling many years ago.



During the research, various figurines and drawings were found that show people or gods playing in a dice game. It is, of course, unknown what the rules of the game were. The dice game is also mentioned in the 2nd millennium BC. It is noted that the Aryan invaders of India loved this game.

Besides the dice game, cards were also popular in ancient times. They originated from India and had a different form and the rule resembled more chess. In Europe, cards are mentioned in the second half of the 14th century. Scientists believe that the oldest Tarok card game was invented in Italy.

Gambling is mentioned in the culture of various countries: Greece, Ireland, Scotland, Asia, North America. In 1765 in France the first device for playing roulette appeared. The first gambling hall started its activity in 1863. It was founded by Charles Grimaldi, Prince of the Principality of Monaco.

32 years after the opening of the first casino there were slot machines, popularly known as one-armed bandits, whose developer was the American mechanic Charles Fey. Now, along with card games like poker, they are an essential part of any gambling hall. They are also present in any good casino austria online.



At the beginning of the twentieth century, all the major games of the modern casino already existed. But not every country allowed its residents to gamble. America was one of the first countries where casino services could be used legally. Las Vegas was born, which is still considered the center of the gambling business. Most of the businesses went underground and gambling fans were forced to visit illegal gambling halls.

The interest in casino games grew every year and some countries decided to legalize the gambling business. Casino owners in England were looking for loopholes in the law to operate legally, and this led to the introduction of a licensing and control system. In 1970, there were about 180 gambling halls in Europe, some of which are still popular today. The games played in the casino were roulette, dice, craps, slot machines, blackjack, poker, baccarat. Each country had its own preferences for casino games.

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