System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition


Budget 2018: Agriculture and Economy from Union Budget 2018

What the budget has for the agriculture sector and farmers?

Author(s) : Arun Jaitley 

Sustainable Development, Energy and Climate Change

India continues to undertake and effectively implement a large number of actions relating to energy, environment and climate, in particular, covering renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, sustainable habitat, water, forestry, Himalayan ecosystem, and knowledge and capacity...

Author(s) : Ministry of Finance GOI 

Green Paper on Farmers, Farming and Rural Economy

The present Central government, led by Mr. Narendra Modi, assumed power on 26 May 2014. During the election campaign, the party and Mr. Modi himself had made a number of promises to the farmers. The BJP’s election manifesto also contained some concrete promises about “Productive, Scientific and R...

Author(s) : Swaraj India, Jai Kisan Andolan 

Agriculture and Food Management

Agriculture and allied sector has a critical role in ensuring food security, reducing poverty and sustaining growth in India. To improve productivity in agriculture the focus has been on the critical inputs like irrigation, seeds, fertilisers and mechanization. The dynamics of agricultural growth...

Author(s) : Ministry of Finance GOI 

Prices and Inflation

Inflation in the country continued to moderate during 2017-18. CPI based headline inflation averaged 3.3 per cent during April-December 2017-18, the lowest in the last six financial years. The significant reduction in food inflation, particularly of pulses and vegetables, moderated the general in...

Author(s) : Ministry of Finance GOI 

Climate, Climate Change, and Agriculture

Using district-level data on temperature, rainfall and crop production, this chapter documents a long-term trend of rising temperatures, declining average precipitation, and increase in extreme precipitation events. A key finding—and one with significant implications as climate change looms—is th...

Author(s) : Ministry of Finance GOI 

Integrated Development of 60,000 Pulses villages in Rainfed Areas 2011-12

Objective: To increase production and productivity of pulse crops by disseminating latest production technologies at the farmers’ field. Implementing agencies: DAC implemented this programme through Commissioners / Directors of Agriculture of respective states. Area of operation: Andhra Prades...

Author(s) : Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare 

Accelerated Pulses Production Programme (A3P)

This has been implementing since Kharif 2010-11. Objectives: To demonstrate plant nutrient and plant protection centric technologies and management practices in compact units of 1000 hectares each for five major pulse crops viz. Bengal gram, Black gram (Urdbean), Red gram (Arhar), Green gram (Moo...

Author(s) : Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare 

Structural Reforms and Governance Framework

The thirteenth volume of the Report of the Committee on Doubling Farmers’ Income (DFI) examines the structural weaknesses and reforms needed in the agricultural system. The discussions in this volume range from recommending reforms in the land policy to declaring a farmer-citizen charter. The vo...

Author(s) : Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare 

Empowering the Farmers through Extension and Knowledge Dissemination

The eleventh volume of the Report of the Committee on Doubling Farmers’ Income (DFI) examines the status and reforms needed in the agricultural extension system. The key roles played by extension are the transfer of technology to farmers, capacity building to manage the technology, and assisting far...

Author(s) : Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare 



Agriculture, also called farming or husbandry, is the cultivation of animals, plants, fungi, and other life forms for food, fiber, biofuel, medicinals and other products used to sustain and enhance human life.