System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition

Rural Women and Agriculture

Women play an important role in agriculture. As per the Food and Agriculture Organisation, women's contribution to Indian agriculture stands at about 32 per cent.

Women are involved in 48 per cent agriculture-related employment whereas 7.5 crore women are playing a significant role in milk production and livestock management.


Expert Speak

  • Has Food Security Bill Reduced Malnutrition in India ?

    user  Rudra Narayan Mishra
    time  On 01 Jan 1900   

    Rudra Narayan Mishra, Asst Professor at Gujarat Institute of Development Research talks about National Food Security Act. Its implementation throughout country, problems in implementation. He also talks about how the coverage and implementation of Integrated Child Development Scheme is less among pre-schools and also the Urban-Rural disparity amongst the children. He also talks about factors responsible for poor nutrition among women and policies to tackle the same through government policies.

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  • Organic Farming in India: Current Scenario and Future Prospects.

    user  Purvi Vyas
    time  On 12 Jul 2017   

    Purvi Vyas is an organic farmer. She has a background in Environmental Management and a few years of experience in environmental education. It was the gap between what she was preaching as an environmentalist and practicing in her personal life that made her take up organic farming. Being in the farm made her realize, though she is equipped theoretically,lacked the skills or the understanding to implement the knowledge on ground. In this interview she talks about issues and challenges faced by organic farmers and measures that can be taken to tackle these issues. She also talks about policy measures that can be taken up to make organic farming more popular.

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  • Defeminisation of Indian agriculture

    The United Nations observes October 15 as International Rural Women’s Day to highlight the contribution of rural women to the world’s economic develo...

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