System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
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India: Defining and Explaining Inclusive Growth and Poverty Reduction

Publisher: International Monetary Fund

The aim is to document the evolution of poverty and inequality across Indian states during the recent period of rapid growth (2004-09), and examine the role of growth and distribution in reducing poverty. Robust economic growth has been a major driver of poverty reduction and inclusiveness in India. We explore the role of economic policies and macrofinancial conditions in explaining inclusive growth and its components, using a new measure of inclusive growth. Social expenditures, spending on education and educational attainment rates are important for fostering inclusive growth. Macro-financial stability, with particular attention to inflation risks, is also criticial for promoting inclusive growth.

Author(s): Rahul Anand, Volodymyr Tulin, S. Naresh Kumar | Views(336) | Download (182)

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