System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition

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Food Security, Productivity, and Gender Inequality

Publisher: Institute of Economic Growth

This paper examines the relationship between gender inequality and food security, with a particular focus on women as food producers, consumers, and family food managers. The discussion is set against the backdrop of rising and volatile food prices, the vulnerabilities created by regional concentrations of food production, imports and exports, the feminization of agriculture, and the projected effect of climate change on crop yields. It outlines the constraints women face as farmers in terms of their access to land, credit, production inputs, technology, and markets. It argues that there is substantial potential for increasing agricultural output by helping women farmers overcome these production constraints and so bridging the productivity differentials between them and male farmers. This becomes even more of an imperative, given the feminization of agriculture.

Author(s): Bina Agarwal | Views(251)

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