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Effectiveness of Food Subsidies in Raising Healthy Food Consumption: Public Distribution of Pulses in India

Publisher: IFPRI

There is an increasing demand to add pulses to the basket of subsidized goods in the Public Distribution System (PDS) of India—the world’s largest food-based social safety-net program. Would subsidizing pulses through PDS lead to a significant increase in its consumption? We study the case of subsidy on pulses in select Indian states and its impact on consumption and ultimately nutrition (in terms of protein intake) by exploiting an exogenous variation in prices to answer this question. Between 2004/2005 and 2009/2010, four Indian states introduced subsidized pulses through the country’s PDS, while other states did not.

Author(s): Suman Chakrabarti, Avinash Kishore, Devesh Roy | Views(413) | Download (180)

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