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Delivering for Nutrition in Madhya Pradesh: Insights from a Study on the State of Essential Nutrition Interventions

Publisher: IFPRI

In India, policies are in place to address the set of nutrition-specific interventions that will accelerate progress in nutrition, if implemented at scale. These interventions include iron and folic acid supplementation during pregnancy, breastfeeding counseling, complementary feeding counseling, vitamin A supplementation, and food supplementation for pregnant and lactating women and young children. However, systematic data on the coverage of these interventions are limited, as are insights into how best they may be designed and delivered to reach full coverage. This report presents findings of a study conducted in three districts of Madhya Pradesh to examine the state of delivery and use of ten select essential nutrition interventions (ENIs) and the role of intersectoral coordination in their delivery.

Author(s): Purnima MENON, Suneetha Kadiyala, Neha Kohli, Parul Tyagi, Suman Chakrabarti, Sunny Kim, Rasmi Avula | Views(659) | Download (258)

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