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The State of India’s Pulses Sector

Publisher: Observer Research Foundation

Pulses are the cheapest source of protein for Indians and thus a favoured food item nationwide. The Indian pulses sector, however, faces numerous challenges. Scrutiny of the sector increased sharply after price fluctuations in 2015-16 and the increase in import of pulses. Government interventions, as part of the anticipated supply response to the shortfall in availability of pulses, did not entirely mitigate the problem. The sector stands at a crossroads: supply constraints, an unstable policy environment, price variability, and rising import bills all contribute to questions over its future. Political compulsions have led to a preponderance of short-term solutions. This study by the Observer Research Foundation examines the country's pulses sector and concludes with policy recommendations for key aspects in the value chain of pulses production.

Author(s): Mihir Sharma, Prashant Kumar, Sonali Mittra | Views(385)

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