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Understanding the Linkage between Poverty, Hunger and Food Security in India: Role of Public Distribution System as a ‘Development Input’ for Poverty Alleviation

Publisher: (IOSR-JHSS

Understanding the linkage between Food security programme and PAP’s (Poverty Alleviation Programmes) is significant without which we will not be able to eradicate hunger and poverty.If we are to reverse the vicious cycle of poverty, a reformed PDS orPublic Distribution System as a social security net needs to be continued while adopting an integrated approach with a specific focus on removal of poverty.It has to be acknowledged that investment for ensuring food security is investment in development and ‘Food' is really a 'development input'.While it has to be appreciated that PDS has played a significant role in assuring food security to millions of households,there is an urgent need to revamp the existing PDS and plug the loopholes

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