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Delivering the MDGs in India: Targeting Children’s Nutrition and Education

Publisher: Young Lives

Economic reform in the 1990s has paid off for India which now has one of the most rapidly expanding economies in the world. However key engines of growth – energy, natural resources, transport infrastructure and skills – have not been able to keep pace and institutional bottlenecks, poor governance, social inequalities and regional disparities risk obstructing the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals targets. Current evidence suggests that MDG2 (achieving universal primary education) is the only ‘on track’ goal and MDG1 (reducing the proportion of population living below the poverty line) may be achieved by 2015. Wide inequalities are undermining the chances of reaching the more specific MDG targets (especially the prevalence of underweight children, the proportion of pupils starting Grade 1 who reach Grade 5, and the ratio of girls to boys in school). Using evidence from Young Lives this policy brief highlights progress towards achieving the MDG targets in Andhra Pradesh.

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