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Malnutrition: Unanswered Questions from Attapadi

Publisher: CRY

Despite the attention from the State and Union Governments and announcements worth crores of rupees, the fact remains that no precise steps for improving the deplorable condition of the tribals living in Attapadi were taken, and the death of infants continue like a tragic unending story. In 2014, 22 infants and 37 unborn infants died for reasons which could have well been avoided. Despite the strong advocacy efforts by the organization at the State level, not much seems to have changed for the children in these tribal panchayats. The ICDS centres, the cornerstone for the Government’s malnutrition programme are largely non – functioning, and the families, esp. pregnant mothers and children, do not have access to the supplementary grains as per their entitlement. The study also highlights the need to bring in the tribal perspective and orientation towards food rather than enforcing the standard uniform distribution of rice grains without keeping in mind the local context and preferences.

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