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Improvement in Livelihood Security for Small and Marginal Farmers through Front Line Demonstrations on Oilseed and Pulse Crops in Central India

Publisher: Indian Research Journal of Extension Education

A major farming community of India comes under small and marginal farming community, where the size of land holding is very low to achieve the standards of livelihood. Therefore, accelerated progress in enhancing the productivity, profitability, stability, and sustainability of the major farming systems is the best safety net against hunger and poverty. To overcome this situation oilseed & pulses can play a vital role besides the cereal crops. Oilseed and pulses are the rich sources of proteins, quality nutrition and valuable cash also.. The objectives of Front Line Demonstration on oilseed and pulse crops are to demonstrate the superior productivity potentials of various location/region specific technologies to practicing farmers and test their implement ability and viability and obtain feedback from the end users and bring about necessary corrections to improve their acceptability and suitability in real farm situations vis-à-vis prevailing traditional farmers practices

Author(s): Seema Naberia, D. K. Paliwal, U. S. Gautam | Views(471)

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