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Epigenetics as an Interplay between Nutrition and Cardiometabolic Disorders

Publisher: Medico Friend Circle

There is growing unaddressed burden of cardiometabolic disorders particularly in the developing countries that is attributable to urbanization. One of the major life style factors that changes drastically with modernization is the change in dietary behaviours. The focus of cardiovascular research has shifted from genetics (understanding ethology) to epigenetic mechanisms that can potentially help in understanding the interplay between genes and environment, including nutrition. The dietary factors (particularly methyl donors and bioactive components), during early life development and entire lifespan, influence the epigenetics markers effecting health and diseases. The present article summarizes the role of epigenetic markers (particularly DNA methylation) in understanding the effect of nutrition on cardiometabolic disorders.

Author(s): Gagandeep Kaur Walia | Views(541)

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