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Pulse Crops and Sustainability: A framework to Evaluate Multiple Benefits

Publisher: FAO

This paper is produced as part of the 2016 International Year of Pulses (IYP 2016), which bring an increasing awareness of the role of pulses in food production. This paper specifically seeks to develop a framework to evaluate the economic, social and environmental benefits of pulse production in different geographic, agro-ecological and economic contexts. Thus, the framework will define the elements of sustainability to be measured or evaluated in any given context, recognizing the highly diverse geographic, agro-ecological and economic contexts around the world that are suitable for growing pulses. The framework will also provide a means to evaluate the potential sustainability contributions of pulses should they be brought into a cropping system, or as a means to optimize crop rotations.

Author(s): Lexeme Consulting, Gabrielle Kissinger | Views(461)

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