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Food Consumption Pattern in Rural India: A Regional Perspective

Publisher: Journal of Economic & Social Development

Since the economic transformation in early 1990s, India experienced a massive change in food consumption pattern. There has been a decline in cereal especially coarse cereal intake whereas consumption of other food items (fruits, vegetables, meat products) has slightly increased particularly in rural India. These changes vary across socio-economic groups, which has implications for intergroup inequalities. This paper attempts to show food consumption pattern across selected social and economic groups and identifies food consumption regions in India. An attempt has also been done to show determinants of food item wise consumption pattern in rural India. The paper argues that such a disaggregated analysis brings out the diversity in food consumption patterns and helps identifying the socio-economic groups suffering from deprivations in food consumption.

Author(s): Abha Gupta, Deepak Mishra | Views(486)

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