System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition

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The Interplay between Household Food Security and Wellbeing among Small-Scale Farmers in the Context of Rapid Agrarian Change in India

Publisher: Springer

Small-scale agriculture, government entitlements, and livelihood opportunities offered by rapid economic growth shape the food security and wellbeing of people in rural India. This paper analyses this ongoing process of agrarian development from the perspective of three major approaches: the food availability approach, the entitlement and livelihood approach, and food sovereignty. We draw on quantitative and qualitative data collected from 68 households in rural Tamil Nadu on landholding and management, farm diversity, agricultural production, food availability, off-farm employment, rural out-migration, objective and subjective wellbeing, and socioeconomic and demographic profile of respondents.

Author(s): M. Karthikeyan ., Derek Johnson, Hom Gartaula, Kirit Patel | Views(449)

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