System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
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Of Calories and Things: Reflections on Nutritional Norms, Poverty Lines and Consumption Behaviour in India

Publisher: Economic and Political Weekly

There are two main criticisms of the poverty line, which are in some ways interrelated. The first is that even though the poverty line ensured the consumption of the normative calorie intake in 1973-74, it no longer does so. The second questions the very use of calorie intake as a measure of nutritional adequacy, arguing that such a unidimensional measure may do more harm than good in the measurement of poverty and design of poverty alleviation instruments. This paper seeks to address these criticisms of the extant methodology of deriving the poverty line from an economist's perspective and attempts to bring out some issues which call for further research.

Author(s): Pronab Sen | Views(445)

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