System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
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Anganwadis for All: Action for Rights of Children under Six

Publisher: Right To Food Campaign, Secretariat, Delhi

This Primer is concerned with the basic rights of children under the age of six years (“children under six” for short), especially their right to nutrition, health and education. It focuses on the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) as a crucial means of protecting these rights. Of course, other interventions are also necessary to protect the rights of children under six. As far ICDS is concerned, this Primer makes a case for “universalization with quality”. The primary responsibility for achieving this goal belongs to the government, but public pressure is essential to hold the government accountable to this responsibility. How public pressure can be built is discussed in the concluding section of this Primer – “What We Can Do”. The first step, however, is to think clearly about the issues. We begin, therefore, with a brief discussion of ICDS and the various roles it can play in safeguarding the basic rights of children under six.

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