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India - Food Security and Nutrition in Tribal Areas

Publisher: World Bank

This study seeks to examine how National Rural Livelihoods Mission or NRLM may be leveraged to improve food and nutrition security (FNS) in tribal areas, preferably in a manner that would enhance the effectiveness of the program's core livelihoods focus. More broadly, the objective is to strengthen the capacity of the Government of India (GoI) to deliver (or support) effective FNS interventions in tribal and backward areas (TABAs). As such, the study aims to do the following: develop the evidence base on those constraints which STs face with regard to achieving food security and favorable nutritional outcomes; examine approaches which have been used to address issues of poor nutrition elsewhere in India or abroad to identify interventions that could be effective in tribal areas; and Recommend models for improving FNS in tribal areas within the context of NRLM. The primary focus of this work is operationally oriented toward identifying entry points for NRLM to address tribal malnutrition as it expands into states with larger tribal communities, particularly Jharkhand and Odisha.

Author(s): Meera Chatterjee, Soham Sen, Varun Singh | Views(427) | Download (189)

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