System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition

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Food Security in India: Issues and Measures

Publisher: Indian Journal of Applied Research

Production of certain cereals has increased in India and now the country is one of the largest producers of cereals like rice and wheat. However, the number of people who are struggling with hunger and malnutrition remains very high. In this study the researcher checks whether food safety measures adopted in India are sufficient to ensure the availability of enough food for everyone and also to reduce malnutrition, using the library online research.The researcher feels that food safety measures adopted in India were not enough, so the current food safety law is necessary.For the success of NFSA there is a need to obtain the cooperation of related departments of state and central government. Research paper concludes that at present the biggest challenge is not only improving the productivity of agriculture, but making accessible to the poor and needy food grains. The Food Security act is not only the scheme, but an opportunity for India to assume full responsibility for food safety of its citizens.

Author(s): B. D. Karhad | Views(387)

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