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New Agriculture Technology, Skill Formation, Food Security and Poverty Reduction in Rural Asia: A Comparison of Three Projects from India, China and Bangladesh

Publisher: Forum for Global Knowledge –Sharing

Agriculture technology is undergoing rapid changes across the globe and Asian countries such as India, China, Bangladesh and many other countries are undertaking different policy initiatives to help farmers to build capacity to adopt new/improved technology towards bettering farm production, reducing poverty, human development and improving food security. Latest experience, during the last 5 years in three Asian countries – India, China and Bangladesh, provides interesting bases for cross-country comparison of rural areas, given similar socioeconomic context of project areas and infusion of agriculture technological change. Though project instruments of such changes and their strategies/approaches are quite different, such comparative study helps to understand the actions/impacts of such differential strategies on the ground and helps to provide a platform to analyse cross-country achievements, constraints and lessons learnt in the sphere of agriculture technology and rural development. In the above context the present paper compares the strategies, capacity building processes and outcomes/impacts of three projects during the period 2005-10.

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