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Impact of Mid-Day-Meal-Scheme (MDMS) on Nutritional-Level, Enrolment-Rate and Dropout-Rate of Primary School Children in Kerala: A Case Study

Publisher: Journal of Economic & Social Development

Education is thought to be central to economic development, leading to higher productivity and living standard. Primary education is thought to be vital in Kerala and call for universal primary education. Mid-day-meal is one important policy and the main intension of it is to lower the cost of schooling and also to improve child nutrition to foster learning, thereby increasing returns to education. In the study it is seen that the scheme is not helping to improve the nutritional status of the LP school children in both schools selected as a case. And also seen that mid-day-meal-scheme has no great impact on the nutrition level, enrolment and dropout of students. Therefore, the scheme can make a positive impact on nutritional level of students, if the food-item has greater calorie contents. The government has to reschedule food-items and timing at which the food is provided since; the nutritional aspect of children plays a greater role in the physical and mental development.

Author(s): Krishnaraji. T, N. Karunakaran | Views(480)

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