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Indian Crop Diversity

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Indian crop diversity which traditionally include landraces, primitive cultivars and wild relatives of cultivated plants are the basic raw materials that not only sustain the present day crop improvement programmes but is also required to meet the aspir ations of future generations who may require altogether new sources of genes while facing unforeseen challenges of more virulent pathogens and pests, hostile climatic factors and abiotic stresses like salinity, drought and unfavourable temperatures. India has been well recognised since long as an important centre of the origin and diversity of many agri - horticultural crops. The loss of crop diversity is considered one of the today’s most serious Managing Intellectual Property under PVP & PGR Page 6 of 7 environmental concerns by the Food and Agriculture organizat ion (FAO) of the United Nations. According to some estimates, if current trends persist, as many as half of all plant species could face extinction.

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