System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition


A Life-cycle Approach to Food and Nutrition Security in India

Publisher: Public Health Nutrition

The recently passed National Food Security Act 2013 adopts a life-cycle approach to expand coverage of subsidized food grains to the most vulnerable households and address food security, there remains much to be desired in the legislation. Access to adequate food for 1·24 billion people is a multifaceted problem requiring an interconnected set of policy measures to tackle the various factors affecting food and nutrition security in India. In the present opinion paper, we discuss a fivefold strategy that incorporates a life-cycle approach, spanning reproductive health, bolstering citizen participation in existing national programmes, empowering women, advancing agriculture and better monitoring the Public Distribution System in order to fill the gaps in both access and adequacy of food and nutrition.

Author(s): Rajesh Kumar Rai, Sandhya Kumar, Madhushree Sekher, Bill Pritchard, Anu Rammohan | Views(335) | Download (148)

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