System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition


Impact Pathways from Agricultural Research to Improved Nutrition and Health: Literature Analysis and Research Priorities

Publisher: Food and Agriculture Organization

Investment in agriculture is widely seen as “a critically important opportunity for reducing malnutrition.” (Herforth et al. 2012) There have been repeated calls for the international community to place a higher priority on “unleashing” (IFPRI 2012), “leveraging” (Pell at al. 2011), “reshaping” (Fan and Pandya-Lorch 2012), or “realizing” (IFAD 2011) the opportunities offered by agriculture to enhance nutrition and health. The donor community has responded, bringing a larger budget share to bear on the agriculture sector since the mid-2000s, reversing the steep decline of the previous decade (OECD 2012). One of the stated aims of the renewed focus on agriculture is to encourage agricultural policies and programs to become “nutrition-sensitive” (BMGF 2012; USAID 2011), or more specifically, to make “agriculture work for nutrition” (FAO 2012).

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