System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition


The PDS, Cash Transfers and Nutrition in Urban India: An Analysis of the Nutritional Status of Poor Households in Delhi and their Preference for PDS over Cash Transfers

Publisher: CCS working Paper

Studying the level of malnourishment of households in Delhi is essential owing to the implications for policy design for correcting this issue. In addition, it is essential to study the level to which the PDS has actually contributed towards improving nutritional outcomes, and whether households availing of the PDS are better off than those who rely solely on the open market. The attempts to provide a simpler framework for analysis of malnutrition in terms of actual consumption of food items. The analysis does not consider individual food items; instead, it adopts a classification of food items into food groups which can easily be identified.

Author(s): Aniket Baksy, Aashna Jaggi, Aayushi Gupta | Views(359) | Download (178)

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