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for Agriculture and Nutrition


Dynamics of Food Consumption and Nutrient Insecurity in India

Publisher: Indian National Science Academy

The dynamics of food consumption and nutrient intake of Indian households was investigated over the past three decades based on nationally representative sample survey data obtained from the NSSO. Disparities arising out of income differentials of the households were subject to in-depth analysis to discern the underlying patterns. The results suggest a gradual diversification of the dietary basket towards high-value commodities, irrespective of the income affiliations of the households. Nutritional assessments based on observed pattern of food consumption revealed a general trend of declining intake of nutrients such as calories, proteins and iron. On the contrary, intake levels of fats, calcium, zinc and Vitamin A improved over time, suggesting compositional changes of nutrient intake of people with changes in their diet pattern.

Author(s): S Parappurathu, Praduman Kumar, PK Joshi | Views(288) | Download (207)

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