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Climate Change, Migration and Food Security: Evidence from Indian Sundarbans

Publisher: Researchgate

Climate change has attracted substantial attention in recent years as vital global challenges of the people. The frequency and intensity of severe weather events are increasing especially in coastal areas such as Sundarbans. The basic objective of this study is to assess the impact of climate change on migration and to understand the adaptation needs of the migrants. This paper have identified three factors of migration namely environmental, economic and social factors. Environmental factors are most important drivers of migration in this area: 86.67% of households have migrated, compelled by climate change directly or indirectly. The decline in purchasing power and the lack of other developmental choices in the face of climate variability are a serious threat to the economic viability of population. This study has tried to analyze problem specific and region specific vulnerability, which would be more precious for policymaker to prescribe policies based on ground level fact/truth.

Author(s): Indrila Guha, Chandan Roy | Views(285)

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