System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition


Understanding Mandis: Market Towns and the Dynamics of India’s Rural and Urban Transformations

Publisher: IGC

There is a very significant gap in the availability of accessible, systematic and robust data and analysis on this vast and varied mandi system. Like India’s agricultural markets, our information about them is also highly fragmented, and our data disorganised, intermediated, and incomplete. In such a context, systematic, comprehensive and contextual studies, across agroecological regions, administrative units, commodities. their supply chains, political economies, and regulatory regimes are needed to develop responsive and creative policies for India’s food system and its different stakeholders. The goal is to develop, over a period of time, a collaborative, multi-level and interdisciplinary project to generate and anchor a range of new research activities to help fill this gap. The idea is to undertake process-oriented investigations that will involve the study of interactions, especially between agricultural markets, settlements, technology, infrastructure and regulations.

Author(s): Devesh Kapur, Mekhala Krishnamuthy | Views(483)

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