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Interstate Migration and Changing Food Preferences in India

Publisher: Ecology of food nutrition

India is a diversified country. Just as the geography, religion, and culture of India are diverse, so are Indians' food habits. Even so, regional heterogeneity in food consumption exists across states. But it may be hypothesized that regional heterogeneity in food consumption across states has been declining. This hypothesis is based on the fact that interstate migration has been growing since 1991. The present study tested whether or not regional heterogeneity in food consumption has been declining over the years 1993–1994, 1999–2000, and 2004–2005. The authors show that regional heterogeneity declined over these periods and that both rural and urban consumers shifted their preference from cereals to non-cereals. However, the article also provides some evidence that regional disparities remain in India. Implications of this shift in consumption are discussed.

Author(s): Amarnath Tripathi | Views(328)

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