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Climate Change and Food Security in India: Contemporary Concern and Issues

Publisher: International Journal of Development Research

Climate change and its impact is a matter of great concern among all countries of the world because it has the potential to make vulnerable life on the earth. Therefore an attempt has been made here to examine the impact of climate change on the food security of India with special reference to the agro-climatic regions. The study revealed that climate change can adversely affect the all four dimensions of food security i.e. food availability, accessibility, utilization and stabilization. There is a great deal of uncertainty regarding climate change, but there are some certainties. The prospects of Indian food security under the upcoming climate change will depend a numbers of immediate measure reduce the vulnerability of food system to climate change and other global environmental changes, which has started looming large the very existence of human kind.

Author(s): Khyal Chand, Sumeet Thakur, Sandeep Kumar | Views(430)

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