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Paradigm Shift in Irrigation Sector of Andhra Pradesh (united) and its Impact on Irrigation Efficiency and Drought Induced Loss of Crop Productivity

Publisher: FGKS

Irrigation sector in Andhra Prade sh observed a sustained shift to wards tube - wells . While tube - well boom brought about efficiency in the agricultural sector; unregulated use of groundwater threatened the sustainability of groundwater resources in th e state . Using district level data from united Andhra Pradesh, we demonstrate that groundwater boom generated adaptive benefits and increased effectiveness of irrigation; however, adaptive and efficiency effects of groundwater were far from being economically sus tainable . Risk augmenting effects of groundwater use on crop yield indicate that groundwater policies in the state not only compromised environmental sustainability but also adversely affected economic sustainability of agriculture in the state .

Author(s): K Narayanan, Amarendra Pratap Singh | Views(349) | Download (101)

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