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Impact of Technological Change on Women Workers in Dry Land Agriculture Area of Uttar Pradesh

Publisher: Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics

In recent years greater attention has been paid to the development and dissemination of technologies and management practices for dryland areas, which are also the areas most prone to poverty. In such areas, women participate in significant numbers in all agricultural activities. However, few, if any, assessments of the impact of new technologies focus on the impact on women-not just in terms of female employment and wages, but also in terms of women’s ability to participate effectively in the decision-making process, in matters relating both to agriculture and domestic management. The present study makes an attempt in this direction. In particular, we consider employment patterns, time disposition, wages, labour productivity, and decision making under three distinct scenarios: first where extension efforts have successfully transmitted information about new dryland districts in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The study thus complements the literature on the subject for other states (e.g., Joshi and Alshi, 1985; Rani, Vyas and Jodha, 1993; Varghese, Varghese and Jaitwat, 1999).

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