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Sustainable Development in India with Reference to Agricultural Sector

Publisher: IJEMRMT

India has been witnessing a blinding pace of growth and development in recent times. There is talk of the country leapfrogging into the league of developed nations sooner than later. But this growth has raised concerns from sundry quarters as regards its basic texture and health. Experts are now calling for “sustainable development” and the term has gained currency in the last few years. In spite of fast growth in various sectors, agriculture remains the backbone of the Indian economy. This paper attempts to tackle and explore the issue of sustainable development in agriculture in India. Further it aims to compare the sustainable agriculture system with the traditional system and the current system in practice, across the dimensions of ecological, economic and social sustainability .It also tries to give long term solutions to solve the problems plaguing the system so that sustainable practices can be promoted and practiced.

Author(s): Devika Sonwani, Ashok Sengupta | Views(292)

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