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Supply-side Dynamics of Chickpeas and Pigeon Peas in India

Publisher: IFPRI

This study was undertaken to analyze the dynamics of production for pulses in India, one of the most important crops in India from the perspective of nutrition as well as environmental sustainability. India has been persistently deficient in pulses in spite of significant investment by the government over time. Using secondary data for a long period of time, from 1950 to 2011, we study how production of pulses has changed across regions and over time in India. Realizing the role of pulses in the cereals complex, the study shows the changing scenario in pulses production as it was crowded out by cereals with the advent of Green Revolution technologies.

Author(s): Kalimuthu Inbasekar, Devesh Roy, P. K. Joshi | Views(276) | Download (128)

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