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A Longitudinal Study of Morbidity Pattern and Nutritional Status of Under Five Children in a Slum Community of Kolkata

Publisher: IOSR-JDMS

Nearly one-tenth of the India’s population is children under 5 years of age. So the morbidities and under nutrition affecting their health have got bearing on the overall health status of the country. Urban under-served slum dweller children are more vulnerable to infection and under nutrition due to their exposure to unfavourable socio economic and environmental conditions. A result shows of the study that ARI, fever and diarrhea were the major causes of morbidity. These three diseases and skin infection showed seasonal variation. Morbidity episodes were associated significantly with birth order, number of siblings and feeding practice during illness and severe under nutrition or growth faltering. Girl children were more undernourished, stunted and wasted than boys. In any planning process for improvement of mother and child health these information are very essential.

Author(s): Saibendu Lahiri, Sandip Ray, Sucharita Maji | Views(315)

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