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for Agriculture and Nutrition


Land Ownership, Agriculture, and Household Nutrition: A Case Study of North Indian Villages

Publisher: Geographical Research

In the rural global South, it is increasingly the case that the relationship between landholding status and household nutrition is intermediated by complex associations between intervening variables. These include changes to agricultural practices, the dynamics of how decisions about food are prioritised within household budgets, the gendering of household power relations, the breadth of non-farm livelihood portfolios, and the effect of landholding status on access to social welfare schemes. This article demonstrates this complexity using a mixed-methods assessment of livelihoods and nutritional status in two north Indian villages. The study finds that in these villages the role of land for household nutrition is expressed through significantly greater milk consumption by landholding households, but insignificant differences in the consumption of most other major food items.

Author(s): Bill Pritchard, Anu Rammohan, Madhushree Sekher | Views(317) | Download (178)

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