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Nutrition Status in Palanpur

Publisher: London School of Economics

Village studies have been conducted in Palanpur in Uttar Pradesh, India since the 1950s, with the sixth round of survey in Palanpur being conducted during 2008-10. The primary focus of the previous rounds of the survey was to understand how the economy of the village functioned, how it was changing especially in relation to the agrarian economy, farming practices, rural markets, outside opportunities, population growth and so on. In each round of the survey the areas of investigation were expanded to include newer topics including various social and economic aspects of life in Palanpur (Lanjouw and Stern, 1998). This round of village survey in Palanpur was mainly focussed on the change in the economy of the village while trying to understand its links with the larger changes occurring outside Palanpur, in Uttar Pradesh, in India and beyond. In addition, this time separate schedules were also canvassed to try and understand gender relations in the village and access to social services (health, education, pensions etc.). Women were interviewed for information on issues related to them. It was the first time that information in a systematic manner, was collected on many of these issues. While there is a wealth of data on the present situation of women in Palanpur, unfortunately there is no systematic and quantitative previous data for comparison. However, earlier rounds of surveys, especially the one conducted in 1983-84 documented qualitative information on women’s lives and other social aspects in the village, based on informal discussions, a few interviews and observation; this is useful to get an idea on what changes might (or might not) have occurred in the village.

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