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Baseline Scenario of Rainy Season Pearl Millet Economy in Rajasthan

Publisher: ICRISAT

Pearl millet is the staple food and fodder crop in Rajasthan, with about 60 percent of farmers following the Bajra-Buff alo-Cow-Sheep combinaO on (BBCS). The HOPE project endeavors to help small farmers in target areas in Rajasthan increase pearl millet producO vity and alleviate food insecurity and poverty by introducing the latest technologies and management pracO ces. A baseline survey was conducted in the primary project intervenO on area (HOPE), where improved technologies were introduced, and in matching control villages with comparable agroecological and market condiO ons in non-intervenO on area (non-HOPE). Income from crops forms about 74% of the total, followed by wage and nonfarm income (11%). Pearl millet yield is about 1.7 t ha-1 under irrigated condiO ons, and 0.76 t ha-1 under rainfed condiO ons without irrigaO on. The total cost of culO vaO on is about ` 8073 per ha, with human labor forming 50% of the variable cost. Both HOPE clusters and non-HOPE areas showed a high rate of adopO on of pearl millet hybrids. The yield gap of improved hybrids of pearl millet in low management farms was 186% compared to the potenO al yield, which shows further scope for improvement. Farmers prefer hybrids due to their higher producO vity, short duraO on, drought tolerance, and pest and disease resistance and as they fi t into the cropping system. Low producO vity and long duraO on are the main constraint in adopO on of public hybrids. Pearl millet culO vaO on is skewed towards male labor parO cipaO on. The highest involvement of women labor is in weeding, harvesO ng and threshing which involve a lot of bending. Sowing and markeO ng, the two crucial acO viO es, do not involve women, perhaps due to high day temperatures and cultural factors

Author(s): MG Chandrakanth, Shirish Sharma, Cynthia Bantilan, Surajit Haldar, IP Singh, N Nagaraj | Views(388) | Download (117)

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