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Pulses in India: Retrospect and Prospects

Publisher: Directorate of Pulses Development Govt. of India

In India, Pulses can be produced with a minimum use of resources and hence, it becomes less costly even than animal protein. In comparison with other vegetables, pulses are rich in protein which are less expensive and can be cultivated as an inter-crop and also as mixed crop. Pulses are mostly cultivated under rainfed conditions and do not require intensive irrigation facility and this is the reason why pulses are grown in areas left after satisfying the demand for cereals/cash crops. Even in such conditions, pulses give better returns. Apart from this, pulses possess several other qualities such as they are rich in protein, improve soil fertility and physical structure, fit in mixed/inter-cropping system, crop rotations and dry farming and provide green pods for vegetable and nutritious fodder for cattle as well.

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