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for Agriculture and Nutrition


Seeing the Whole Picture: India’s Triple Burden of Malnutrition

Publisher: Tata Cornell University

Since the mid-1950s, real per capita income in India increased constantly, with the rate of growth accelerating since the early 1980s. Despite this remarkable economic progress, India lags on essential social indicators such as the prevalence of stunting, underweight, poverty, and communicable diseases. According to 2014-16 estimates, 194.6 million Indians are undernourished, which is roughly 15% of the total population. Undernourishment in India has declined by nearly 36% since 1990, but this decrease is negligible in comparison with what has occurred in other highly populated countries such as China, which has reduced undernourishment by 61% over the same period (1). The incongruity between India’s economic growth and its social indicators indicates that economic expansion does not necessarily translate into social wellbeing.

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