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Nutritional Status of Pregnant Women and Newborns in a Secondary Referral Health Care Setting of India

Publisher: Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice

Maternal nutrition status is an important determinant of pregnancy outcomes since pre-pregnancy underweight has been traditionally considered a risk factor for adverse gestation outcomes. Objectives: The current study aims to offer updated information on the nutrition status of pregnant women and newborns to facilitate the development of health care protocols based on current knowledge. The current prospective, observational study of six months descriptively assessed the nutrition status in a cohort sample of 220 pregnant women, in which vital parameters, treatment, laboratory parameters, anthropometric details, food habits and intake were obtained and documented during their regular clinical visits. During the study period all the health information’s were documented and assessed. Statistical tool used was WHO Nutri Survey 2007 calculator

Author(s): Vidyasagar Chinnakotla, Veerendra Uppara, Divya Asavadi, Jagadeesh Neppali, Ishrar Shaik Mohammad Ghouse, Mohanraj Rathinavelu Mudhaliar | Views(342) | Download (174)

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