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for Agriculture and Nutrition


Linkages between Nutrition, Ill-Health and Education

Publisher: UNESCO

Early childhood development is influenced by a number of factors, most notably health and education. Both of these areas are important not only for their intrinsic importance, specifically the health of the child, but also for their instrumental importance in terms of later life productivity and contribution to the economy. This paper will discuss the linkages between health and education in young children. It has three sections. The first section examines the impact of nutrition and health status on educational outcomes, both in the short and long-term. The second section discusses the impact of educational disadvantage on health, specifically looking at the importance of women’s education and agency on ensuring child welfare. The third section focuses on three approaches to early childhood care and development; those that aim to improve women’s status (1), to increase purchasing power at the household level (2), and to increase nutritional intake and educational performance of school-age children (3).

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