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Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition in Vidarbha: A Household Level Analysis

Publisher: EPW

This paper is based on an assessment of agricultural practices and livelihoods of people in Vidarbha, one of the most distressed regions in India. Using the data generated from a baseline survey on a sample of 6,990 households covering six districts, this paper attempts to assess the relationships between agriculture, food security and nutrition for children, adolescents and married women of reproductive age. The study indicates that (i) overall under-nutrition amongst children, adolescents and married women in the study area is substantial and it does not differ significantly between different socio-economic groups, (ii) higher the food crops production, lower are under-nutrition levels, and (iii) the public distribution system contributes significantly to the food security of poor families and it must be extended to include families above the poverty line as well.

Author(s): S Parasuraman, T Rajaretnam | Views(364)

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