System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition


Challenges of Agriculture Economy of India

Publisher: The Academy of Business and Retail Management

Agriculture in India has undergone rapid transformation in the past two decades. The policies of globalization and liberalization have opened up new avenues for agricultural modernization. Due to its importance in national output and employment, agriculture was paid special attention by India’s policy makers and development planners which helped this sector to play an important role in economic development of the country and in improving income and living standard of vast population dependent on agriculture. During last one and a half decade several challenges have surfaced in Indian agriculture which are becoming more and more severe with the passage of time. The growth rate has turned lower than the growth in population dependent on agriculture implying that per capita income in agriculture is falling. This is considered a major factor for large scale rural distress and large number of suicidal deaths by farmers in various parts of the country. Infactnatural resources in the country are shrinking. There are also signs of degradation of land and overexploitation of water in the country. There is urgent need to conserve water and good management of natural resources. Long term planning and dedicated efforts are needed from higher authorities. Unique outlook and branding methods along with use of biotechnology is useful to increase growth rate of agriculture.

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