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Assessing Global Water And Food Challenges: Time To Rethink On Methods?

Publisher: Institute For Resource Analysis And Policy

The paper analyses the food security and water management challenges facing the world, at the level of individual nations, but does so by delinking the food security challenges from th ose of supplying water to meet the needs of industries, livestock, domes tic sectors and environmental sectors . The paper is based on the premise that assessing the food security scenario purely from a water resource perspective gives a distorted view of the food security challenges facing a country . Similarly, assessing the water management challenges purely from the point of view of renewable water resource availability also can be misleading. The paper also critically examines the validity of the arguments made for countries to reduce their agric ultural water footprints on the basis of data on their irrigation water withdrawals and water footprint in their diet, by taking into account the two important facts: 1] water in the soil profile is a major component 2 of total agricultural water withdrawal for many countries ; and 2] many countries maintaining diet s with high water content actually import large amounts of food.

Author(s): Shourjomoy Chattopadhyay, Arijit Ganguly, OP Singh, Nitin Bassi, M. Dinesh Kumar | Views(307)

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