System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition


Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture and Food Systems in Practice: Options for intervention

Publisher: Food and Agriculture Organisation

Nutrition-sensitive agriculture is an approach that seeks to ensure the production of a variety of affordable, nutritious, culturally appropriate and safe foods in adequate quantity and quality to meet the dietary requirements of populations in a sustainable manner. The recognition that addressing nutrition requires taking action at all stages of the food chain - from production, processing, retail to consumption – has led to a broader focus which encompasses the entire food system. Making agriculture and food systems nutrition-sensitive necessitates taking action to address input quality, production, post-harvest handling, processing, retailing and consumption, in order to deliver safe and nutritious foods all year round to the consumer. Nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems contribute to improving health outcomes, through for example, production of diverse, safe and nutrient-rich food, income generation that can facilitate access to health services, through reducing contamination of water sources, and through the application of labour-saving technologies.

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