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Sources of Agricultural Growth in Andhra Pradesh, India: Scope for Small Farmer Participation

Publisher: ICRISAT

In the post-liberalisation period, regions are specializing based on their resource endowment (coastal Andhra in paddy, Telangana in cotton and Rayalaseema in groundnut), even though all the regions show general tendency of diversification towards high value crops 2 like fruits and vegetables. The paper highlights that the small farmer’s participation in diversification towards High Value Crops (HVCs; fruits, vegetables, spices, cotton and sugarcane) is limited, but they adopted the yield increasing technology components like HYVs, irrigation and cropping intensity compared to large farmers. As a result gross and net returns per hectare are higher among small farms. This might have positive effect on small farmers who comprise 86% of the total farm households, and cultivate ,on average,half a hectare of land. The paper also demonstrates that there is positive association between reduction of poverty and area under high value crops. Agricultural diversification in favour of HVCs that generate larger returns and are labor-intensive, which are demand driven to be explored for the benefit of small farmers. In many agricultural development indicators, coastal Andhra is better positioned followed by Telangana and Rayalaseema.

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