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Need for Proper Water Management for Food Security

Publisher: Environment Portal

In India, for food security, the future agriculture faces the challenge of enhancing crop production under uncertain climatic extremes, in a limited (or degraded at many places) land area, with more and more requirement of water (in many places, poor quality water), complexities and rapid erosion of natural biodiversity and agricultural systems, and the socio-economic systems governing food supply and demand. Plant attributes conferring good yields, under fast-depleting/deteriorating natural resource base, are yet to be identified. Breeding for crop improvement, for higher quality, production, heat and water stress resistance, has met with limited success. It is well known that despite planting the improved genetic varieties, and application of the recommended doses of fertilizers and agronomic practices, the dormant seed gets its vigour only in the presence of water. But, reliable assessment of this important resource base and its protection from depletion and degradation has not received its due consideration in the management of agriculture. In this context, analyses of agricultural information reported in the literature, clearly suggest that proper water management can only help in enhancing future food production. Policy guidelines have also been suggested for ensuring food security.

Author(s): Ravender Singh, P Datta, S Tyagi | Views(318) | Download (158)

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